Why You Need an Attorney

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As I mentioned in the money blog, I highly recommend you hire and retain an attorney. While this may cost you a small fortune, I’ll do my best to try and explain the benefits of having one. First, there is an age-old adage of “the person who represents himself in court has a fool for a client.”  In layman’s terms, don’t represent yourself in court. Attorneys, even the best of them, live by this advice, and for good reasons. It is far more likely that you will have a favorable outcome if you have an attorney than if you don’t.


Another reason is, you will be more “emotionally” involved in the case and not be able to see things objectively. Not saying you don’t have the right to be emotional when it comes to fighting for your child(ren); however, the courtroom is not the place for those emotions. Custody, visitation, heck, any legal challenge or issue can be emotionally charging and draining. Let the attorney do the fighting for you in court. Focus your time on becoming a better person, husband, and dad.

They are Experts

Attorneys practice law every day. They have practically spent their entire life preparing for and becoming an expert at law. Attorneys have studied for years, passed rigorous tests, exams, the bar exam and even participate in ongoing training. They also have a vested interest in winning your case! In addition, courts are almost like going to a foreign country. In that country, they have a ruler (The Judge) and speak a specific language. Just as you would not go to a foreign country without someone guiding you, don’t trust yourself to tread into the foreign land called the legal system without an experienced person guiding you. I’ve tried to represent myself before in court twice. Both times,  were not a favorable outcome. Another example would be, let’s say, you were to break your leg.  You can either Google or Youtube how to set your broken bone.  Or you can go to a surgeon who is trained in the proper techniques for setting the broken bone. I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly no doctor or attorney and I only know how to speak one language. I always saw better results of when I had an attorney, than when I didn’t!

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