False Domestic Allegations

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False Domestic Allegations

 False domestic allegations are serious business. Every year, more than 1,000,000 are made in the U.S alone. That’s why it’s important you protect yourself and hire an attorney.

 My name is Kevin Seaver. I’m a trusted lawyer since 1991, recognized expert successfully specializing in fighting false domestic allegations,the Department of Children and Families more commonly referred to as DCF. Throughout the entire state of Massachusetts, turning DCF involvement as a negative into a positive outcome for you and for your families.

A night out

Recently, I had a woman come into my office by the name of Jane (not her real name) along with her son James (not his real name either). They had received a report of child abuse and neglect from DCF. She called me immediately with great anxiety and anxiousness in her voice. She told me how she hadn’t slept the night before,hadn’t eaten all day long, and really needed to see me. So, I brought her in immediately and she came in. She told me a story about how she worked down the Seaport for a major corporation (and she was very high up on the food chain) and how after a Friday night she went out and had a couple glasses of wine with some colleagues that she had been dying to get together with but just to talk about business. And she told me how she didn’t eat anything, so the couple glasses of wine really affected her, not to the point of intoxication but she just felt a little woozy. And she went home by Uber that night and she got home she didn’t have her keys on her. So, she had to call her husband. She woke up her husband who came downstairs and let her in the house and he wasn’t happy. And he started to say to her, “What are you out cheating on me, why are you out drinking wine”. So, she was upset that he would even think that she would cheat on her husband and that she wasn’t allowed or couldn’t go out and have a few glasses of wine with her friends/colleagues from work and so she says let’s talk about it in the morning and he agreed.

The next morning-the allegation.

The next morning, she got up real early. She was disturbed by her husband’s conning behavior and attitude. And the husband saw her on the couch and went over and woke her up by just tapping her on the leg with his foot which had a pair of sneakers on to wake her up. So they had the discussion about what happened the night before. And all was well she thought.

Later on, that day, she didn’t feel very well. She took herself to the emergency room. She took herself to a major hospital in Boston where she had to fill out all types of paperwork and she went through all types of batteries of exams, she also took her son with her. Later on, that day when she went home she got a call from who? The Department of Children and Families. About what? Allegations of Domestic Violence and Neglect by her and her husband.

The Facts

Now you got to go backwards here. First of all, the child was not awake for either of the two discussions between the parents. Number 2, the father never physically abused her, he tapped her on the leg with his foot wearing a pair of sneakers. In the report, it said that father had been beating up mother, had been beating up the child and it was domestic violence of a very serious nature. Of course, with that type of information, what else can DCF do but investigate? So, I welcomed her to my office and we talked out a strategy and a plan and a process and a system to get it all done to prepare her, prepare her son, also her husband. She then proceeded to meet with DCF with me present and with her son present and I made sure the child was not interviewed alone which is critical, I also made sure that she was not interviewed alone, I was present, and mother told about how she nor her husband ever put their hands on their son physically at any time during their marriage. Mother also said how father had never put his hands on her before. And this was just the first and only time that he ever had any physical contact of such a nature and it just surprised her. But she went to the hospital, not because of the incident but because she wasn’t feeling well, she felt irregular. They also asked the child about domestic violence and he clearly stated what mother had told DCF, that he had never seen the father or the mother get into any type of dispute where there was any physicality at all.

In the End

In the end the moral of the story is… DO NOT BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN’T and should not push back on DCF. YOU MUST. When DCF allegations against you of child abuse and/or neglect you want to make sure you set the record straight that all information comes to the top and DCF understands why and how this allegation came to fruition. DCF receives allegations all the time. It could be from the hospital, mandated reporter who misheard, or misstated or mistranscribed or misspoke to DCF or DCF themselves may have miswrote down the information. When you’ve got a DCF case and you’re in trouble and there’s issues with DCF at your door, PROTECT YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS. Call Attorney Kevin Seaver, I’ll protect your legal rights. Call me, call me now, if you’re involved with DCF at (617) 263-2633. Again, call me, call Attorney Kevin Seaver. Call me at (617) 263-2633. https://www.seaverdcflawyer.com


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