Guardian ad litem | What do they do?

Inside a courtroom where a Guardian Ad Item goes to testify and reports to the judge during a legal case.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Guardian ad litem Soon after I became a dad, it wasn’t long before we were heading to court over custody and visitation issues. You may be in a similar situation or starting the divorce process and a Guardian ad litem was recently appointed to your case.  As like most other parents in this situation, I…

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Child Custody Lawyers |Why You need One

A parent with his children after working with a child custody lawyer to get more time with his children.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Child Custody Lawyers Thinking you may need a lawyer? I can assure you if you want more time with your child. You’re going to need one. But, how do you find the best child custody lawyer for you? What should you look for in an attorney and where do you recommend to find one? We’re…

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Polygraph Test: Divorce Custody Legal

Couple before a divorce or legal issues such as custody

Reading Time: 4 minutes Divorce  Do you suspect your loved one or spouse of infidelity? Have they been acting suspiciously?  Being secretive? Have them take a polygraph test. With over 700,000 people getting a divorce every single year according to the CDC. 1 It’s no wonder why we have so many custody and legal issues. Or the divorces, 20 to…

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A Father’s Day Wish

A fathers wish

Reading Time: 3 minutes   A Father’s Day Wish: To End Parental Alienation A Father’s Wish to end Parental Alienation. Every day, competent loving fathers are limited to their child on a regular basis. And in the U.S. alone, it’s in the thousands. Parental Alienation is often the factor. Therefore, it is a devastating pattern of behavior that needs…

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The Sunk Cost Fallacy – Let it go!

Items we buy often leave us feeling regret Sunk Cost Fallacy

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Sunk Cost Fallacy – Let it go! Success in the area of personal finance is much more about behavior and habits than it is about math or head knowledge.  Sometimes the behavioral aspects are pretty obvious, like using a budget, living on less than you make, and getting out of debt.  But sometimes the…

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End Parental Alienation- A Father’s wish

End Parental Alienation: A Father's wish for Father's Day 2019

Reading Time: 5 minutes End Parental Alienation A Father’s wish This article  is for of all my fellow fathers, parents, families, dads, moms, and most importantly, our children. The ones who are dealing with a divorce or who have dealt with child custody and visitation issues like Parental Alienation. We are all far too familiar with the term “parental…

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What is the best company to get 5 star reviews?

Integrity business solutions 5 Star Reviews

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is the best company to get 5-star reviews? Running a business, any business, is a challenge. From getting clients to doing marketing to taking care of your own family, many tasks get left behind. Asking for reviews is one of those tasks. So when choosing a company to help you get 5 star reviews,…

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Fighting the good fight of Faith

cross representing Jesus Christ and faith

Reading Time: 4 minutes Fighting the good fight of Faith     As a believer in Jesus Christ, I remember growing up and would often think life of being an easy road or a lack of difficulty and obstacles. However, as I got older, I quickly began to realize that life is often not fair, can be cruel, life…

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Should I borrow against my 401k

Person trying to determine if they should borrow from their 401k

Reading Time: 3 minutes Should I borrow against my 401k   Should I borrow against my 401k? If you’re strapped for cash, for whatever reason, you may be tempted to take a loan out against your 401(K)?  Everybody tells you that’s the way to go, because you’ll be paying yourself back with interest!!  Woo hooo!!  What a deal, right? Well, no, not…

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